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Personal Hygiene Mistakes People Make Every Day

By |February 26th, 2019|Categories: Health|

Biting your nail as a way to deal with stress

It is often observed that many individuals tend to bite their nails as a way to cope with mental or emotional stress. Regardless of the reason, biting your nails is quite unhealthy and damages the nails, and depicts a bad appearance.

Using cotton swabs to clean your ears

Contrary to the common misconception that availing Q-tips will help clean the ear, the truth is using Q-tips push the excess wax further inside the ear and causes more damage than good. Regularly using Q-tips to clean the ear can damage the eardrum and lead to loss of hearing.

Cotton Swab

Forgetting to wash your hands after using the bathroom

A survey confirmed that a vast majority tend to avoid washing their hands after using the bathroom facilities. In reality, washing your hands after using the bathroom decreases the presence of germs in your hands and likewise reduces the chances of getting ill.

Not changing your toothbrush after a long time

The condition of toothbrushes is often taken for granted and not taken proper care of. For proper healthy oral hygiene, it is imperative you change your toothbrush every 2-3 months. Bear in mind, wet toothbrushes and old or damaged toothbrushes can harbor various germs which as a result can cause severe consequences in us.

The manner you brush your teeth

It is essential you properly brush your teeth and covering all sides of it at least for 2 minutes. Tend to swirl the brush circularly when brushing for getting any tartar left. If you fail to take care of oral hygiene adequately, you will suffer severe diseases, including heart ailments.


Forgetting to floss your teeth

Effective brushing can only do so much; however, when accompanied by proper flossing, oral hygiene will be ensured as your gums will be in proper health. Flossing is highly beneficial considering it minimizes bacterial presence significantly and prevents the formation of gingivitis.

Exfoliating your face every day

People tend to exfoliate their faces every day; however, does more harm than good as it causes the skin to appear dry, cause wrinkles and the presence of acne. Experts recommend exfoliating skin a minimum of once or twice a week for optimum results.


Not cleaning the things used every day

Did you know that everyday objects such as the doorknob, keyboard, switches, remotes, smartphones, etc., accumulate significant bacterial presence? Hence making it all the more important to clean and reduce risks of getting sick.

Maintaining a fluoride toothpaste in the household

Toothpaste containing high levels of fluoride is especially harmful to children considering it leads to deformed tooth development, the disintegration of teeth and large concentrations of aluminum which causes severe diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

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